Price Sheet Possession – Possession of this publication does not constitute a right to purchase at these prices. Prices herein are offered to qualified wholesale accounts of the Company in good standing. Prices are subject to change without notice. We are not responsible for typographical errors.

Supplier Pricing Programs – Many manufacturers have MAP, MRP or other selling policies which could be enforced, changed or implemented from time to time with or without our knowledge or input but which we are obligated to honor. Should any offering in this publication exceed or contradict any suppliers legal pricing program, any offer will be made at the lowest price allowed by the supplier’s guidelines enforced at the time of the offer.

Discounts – All discounts when applicable are chained and not added. Show discounts are off the NPW jobber or Installer prices in effect at the time of shipment. Orders must be completed by filling out the order form and giving to the location, sales manager or emailed to the sales team. Online orders do not apply.

Exceptions/ Exclusions – NPW Company everyday NET priced items, accounts that have contract, quantity, or net/net prices, where government or manufacturer programs are in effect or where a suppliers required maximum discount programs are in effect, are exempt from show discounts.

Prizes – Every order that meets the minimum will receive one entry into the door prize drawling.

Minimum order requirement | $300 per line.