January 17th-19th Digital Fast Expo 2024 Digital Fast Expo 2024 January 17th-19th, 2024 {{t_days}} DAYS {{t_hours}} HOURS {{t_minutes}} MINUTES {{t_seconds}} SECONDS


Check the links for more information.
You can view the discount book and use the order forms below for the 2024 Digital Fast Expo.


Check the links for more information.
Early registration has concluded on January 3rd, 2024, but you can still register below!

Door Prizes

Every order gets you an entry into a drawing for door prizes!


We have worked with our vendor partners to extend special discounts to our valued customers. Customers who place orders between January 17th and January 19th will receive discounts off of stock orders as outlined in the provided discount book on the website.

 Fast Expo plans to be back as a live event in 2025. More details to come!

We don’t want you to miss important announcements around the event. We will also be shipping Fast Expo Welcome Kits to those who register by Wednesday, January 3rd.



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